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You Can Make A Difference in Patient Safety!

Inherently, we all believe that healthcare should be safe and free from harm. New research indicates the number of deaths and serious medical injuries hospital-wide from preventable medical error have been significantly understated. The numbers are alarming. Emergency departments are complex, fast paced, typically over crowded, high risk environments and are one of the most vulnerable areas in the hospital when it comes to patient harm from avoidable medical error.

Given the increasing complexities and challenges of delivering safe quality care, hospitals and providers are limited in their ability to make safety a top priority. Resources are scarce and there are too many critical demands competing for time, attention and money.

EMPSF recognizes these difficult realities and is preparing to launch an exciting new initiative to bring national attention and coordinated action towards significantly advancing patient safety in emergency departments. No one organization or entity can do this alone.

Through a new Alliance for Safety, EMPSF is working to unite and leverage the collective power and resources of all stakeholders across the emergency care continuum in an effort to identify priorities for advancing safety science, reducing medical errors, developing evidence based deliverables, reinforcing patient safety best practices and funding much needed research.

Your gift, of any size, will help support the launch of the new Emergency Care Patient Safety Alliance, share the vision, build partnerships and create the focus, framework and funding needed to ignite a transformation in emergency care safety.

We depend on the generous support of individuals and corporate contributors to continue the mission of EMPSF to advance patient safety and prevent harm and save lives in emergency care.

Emergencies do not discriminate. At some point, you, a loved one or family member may need emergency care. In fact, this next year, one in five people (one in four seniors or children) will visit an emergency department. Safety doesn’t happen by accident.

Please give today!

Together we can make a meaningful impact for change. Lives depend on it.




 With heartfelt thanks and warmest wishes for a safe New Year,

                                 Dianne Vass

                             Executive Director

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